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Setting up a Power of Attorney in Scotland

Your Comprehensive Guide

Power of Attorney being signed

What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is an essential legal document that designates a reliable individual or individuals (referred to as 'attorney') to manage your affairs should you be unavailable, ill, or unable to do so yourself.

This arrangement is the only method to ensure that your affairs are handled by someone you trust in circumstances where you might be unable to oversee them personally.

In the absence of a Power of Attorney, no one automatically possesses the authority to manage your affairs, not even your spouse, civil partner, or live-in partner, unless a court grants them this power. This can be crucial during times when you need assistance the most.

What an Attorney Can Do for You

Opening a bank account

Your attorney can efficiently open and manage bank accounts on your behalf.

Paying bills

They ensure timely payment of your bills, maintaining your financial stability.

Arranging insurance

Your attorney can organise and manage your insurance policies, safeguarding your interests.

Consenting to medical treatment

They are empowered to consent to medical treatments, adhering to your healthcare preferences

Guardianship - Care of an elderly lady
Power of Attorney being signed
Elderly Care and Support

How it works and what it costs

If you're in Scotland, we can help you arrange your Power of Attorney. Our legal team are experienced in drafting Powers of Attorney to accommodate a wide variety of circumstances, and will be happy to act as your attorney should you wish. 

  • Power of Attorney


    A separate charge of £83, mandated by the Scottish Court and Tribunal Services, applies to each Power of Attorney.

    Clear, Upfront Costs

    • Standard Power of Attorney: A fixed fee of £385 +VAT.
    • Complex Requirements: Additional charges may apply for bespoke arrangements.
    • Efficient Turnaround Time: Completion within approximately twelve weeks. In urgent cases, this can be greatly reduced.

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