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Elderly Care and Support

Elderly Care

Navigating the complexities of elderly care for a parent or loved one in Edinburgh can be challenging. If you're seeking the best possible care, our team is here to guide you through every step.

With extensive experience in elderly care planning, our clients and their families trust us for advice on arranging and managing advanced care for the elderly. Our personal-legal team possesses in-depth knowledge of care and nursing facilities in and around Edinburgh. We're adept at assessing options and assisting in making informed decisions.

Expertise in Legal Matters for Elderly Care

In addition to care guidance, we offer expert advice on several legal matters crucial for advanced directives in elderly care, including:

  1. Powers of Attorney

    Setting up legal authority for decision-making.

  2. Will Writing

    Ensuring your loved one's wishes are documented and respected.

  3. Trusts and Asset Protection

    Safeguarding assets and securing future care needs.

  4. Guardianship

    Establishing legal guardianship for your loved ones when necessary.

Advanced Directives and Planning

We also specialise in advanced directives, an essential aspect of elderly care planning. Our services in this area include:

  1. Living Wills

    Drafting directives for medical care preferences in situations where communication may not be possible.

  2. Welfare Power of Attorney

    Assigning trusted individuals to make healthcare decisions

  3. End-of-Life Care Planning

    Guidance on making compassionate and informed decisions.

Personalised Elderly Care Assistance

Discover how we can assist in providing the care and legal support your elderly loved ones need in Edinburgh. Our approach is compassionate, comprehensive, and tailored to each unique situation.

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