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Tenant Selling

Taking the decision to sell your business is a big step. When there's an existing lease in place, the process can require a lot more negotiation and legal expertise. 

Whatever the reason for selling your business, our role is to make sure you're aware of everything involved and of course to get the deal that suits you best, whether that be the best possible price or a timely exit.

Here are just three of the reasons why people looking to sell their business choose Blair Cadell:

  • Big firm service at a small firm cost
  • Our tenacious and meticulous approach
  • We simplify the legal process and talk in everyday language 

If we sound like the sort of firm you'd like to work with, we'd love to hear from you

Every commerical property deal is different but we've outlined the basic steps below. 

Advertising Appoint agent. Advertise
Negotiation Agree "Heads of Terms" with purchaser/incoming tenant (assignee)
Contract "Missives" contract - including adjustment of draft Assignation of lease
Documentation  Lease Assignation. Exhibit landlord's title. Exhibit existing lease
Bank Consent may be required in relation to any existing landlord's security
Local authority consents May be required by purchaser/incoming tenant (assignee)
Landlord consent Will be required re Assignation at seller's/outgoing tenant's (assignor's) cost. May be required in relation to any works proposed by incoming tenant (assignee)