Finding the right tenant on your terms

Landlord Leasing

When you're leasing your commercial property, it's critical you find the right tenants who will look after your property but also pay the going rate to generate you a good return.

One of our core strengths is negiotating contracts with tenant's agents. Our experience and tenacity in these matters allows us to get the best outcome for you.

Some of the important details to be ironed out include:

  • Responsibility for general upkeep and property repairs
  • Are personal guarantees required, and if so, at what level?
  • Any service charges payable in addition to the rent of the commercial property

A broad overview of leasing your business premises is given below. If you'd like to find out more about working with us, get in touch to arrange your free initial consultation. 

Advertising Appoint agent. Advertise
Negotiation Agree "Heads of Terms" with tenant's agents including: length of lease, rent, rent review, entry date, repairing obligation
Contract "Missives" contract, including adjustment of draft Lease
Documentation Lease
LBTT Payable by tenant
Public register Registration dues paid by tenant
Survey Exhibit Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) as requested by tenant
Licensing Tenant's onus
Local authority consents Exhibit as requested by tenant
Party status Consider personal guarantees from tenant
Landlord consent Consider approval of tenant's works proposals