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We're focused on what matters to you and your family 

Looking after the property and assets you've worked so hard for is important. Sometimes though, you need a bit of expert help. And that's where we come in.

  • Future planning
  • Family provisions
  • Taxation
  • Asset protection

Life doesn't always run smoothly and when you need help with something unexpected, demanding or urgent, we'll be here to lend an understanding ear and provide legal advice you can trust.

Below is an overview of some of the things we can advise you on.

Wills and estates

A will is the only certain way of ensuring that your assets ultimately go where you want them to go. Blair Cadell can organise this for you – straightforward or complex, whatever your needs. Visit out Wills FAQs for more information. 

When someone close to you passes away, we have the sensitivity, knowledge and expertise that’s needed, when it’s needed most, to guide and assist you with the arrangements, and to deal with the efficient winding up of the deceased’s estate.

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Powers of attorney

A power of attorney is a formal document appointing a trusted person or persons to help one manage one’s affairs in the event of absence, illness or incapacity. 

Powers of attorney are increasingly recognised as an essential part of future planning. Our personal legal team are used to drafting powers of attorney to accommodate a wide variety of different circumstances. They are often asked to act as attorneys for our clients, so have a wealth of practical as well as legal experience to offer you. 

Discover more about applying for a power of attorney

Trusts and asset protection

Trusts are utilised for a variety of purposes – such as tax planning, charity and protection of young or vulnerable individuals.

Blair Cadell provide in depth advice to clients in all different circumstances in the setting up and ongoing management of trusts, including liaison with relevant financial and/or IFA experts.

Trusts and asset protection advice 

Inheritance tax

Our advisers will make sure you're aware of all your options and receive advice tailored to your circumstances. 

Planning ahead could help you reduce your inheritance tax liability. 

Tax advice you can trust  

Elderly care

Many of our clients and their families rely on our guidance and advice in planning for, arranging or managing care in old age.

Every situation is different and our personal legal team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in assessing options and helping with decisions. This includes good knowledge of the care and nursing facilities in and around the Edinburgh area. 

Further information on elderly care


Blair Cadell’s charity clients, national and local, small and large, benefit from advice tailored to individual their ethos, with a wide variety of services.

This can be related to finance, property and other practical issues – and is always delivered with responsibility, commitment and cost-efficiency in mind. 

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