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The Perils of Remarriage?

What are the legal and financial implications of marriage later in life?

Must Do's for Over 50's: Advance Directive

What is an advance directive?
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Must Do's for Over 50's: Making a Will

A will gives you complete piece of mind that your family will be looked after on your death.
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Your Local Edinburgh Solicitors

Blair Cadell are leading providers of residential property services including estate agency and conveyancing, commercial property and services to business. We also offer a diverse range of personal legal services to individuals and families.
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"Life is What Happens While You're Busy Making Other Plans"

While you get on with the business of living your life, Blair Cadell's expert personal legal team focus on what matters to you about your property and assets - future-planning, family provisions, taxation and protection. We can help you plan your tax,...

Need Advice on Elderly Care Arrangements?

According to a survey by Which? consumer magazine about arranging care for an older relative, 34% of those surveyed said they had spent too long exploring unsuitable options. Another 32% said they had wasted time looking at irrelevant information. Does this sound...
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Blair Cadell Can Advise You on Elderly Care

GETTING OLDER Modern advances in health, hygiene and nutrition have made the prospect of living into old age a statistical likelihood; and most of us would like to know that when we start to lose our hair and the valentine's cards stop...
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Blair Cadell Solicitors: Looking After Your Future

Wills and Estates A Will is the only certain way of ensuring your assets ultimately go where you want them to go. Blair Cadell can organise this for you - straightforward or complex, whatever your needs. Visit our wills FAQs for more...