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3 Things Everybody Forgets When They Move House

A few things to remember when you're moving house.
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Add Value to Your Property with an Extension

One of the best ways to add value to your property and make it more attractive to buyers in the long term is to add an extension. Building an extension is not only about increasing space, it is also a chance to...
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Build “What You Like, Where You Like, When You Like”?

According to one senior government figure, developers will be given the green light to build “whatever, wherever and whenever” they want if communities fail to put growth at the center of their local plans.
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Positive Scottish House Price Growth

Annual house price growth in Scotland is twice that of the rest of the UK, according to the latest LSL house price index. The average house price is now £180,892 which signals that the market is in good shape.
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First Time Buyers Make Up Nearly Half Of All Mortgages

Without doubt, first time buyers are key to a healthy property market. Deals made on smaller 1 and 2 bedroom properties have a positive impact across the market as hard-pressed second steppers move on and growing families look to maximize space. This...
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5 Reasons To Carry Out Home Repairs Before Selling

If you are planning to sell your home soon you may feel you have limited time and budget to tackle any niggling repairs. Taking care of these minor problems, however, will be time and money well spent. Anything you do towards repairs...

12 Essential Questions For Property Sellers

Whether you are buying or selling your property, Blair Cadell will be there to guide you through every step. Our transparent fee structure contains no hidden fees and you can choose the advertising services that will benefit you. Request a FREE property...

Residential Property Prices Set to Increase

The price of residential property is set to rise sharply over the next few years, according to the RICS UK Residential Market Survey. The survey reveals that despite growing demand from buyers there are still not enough properties coming onto the market...
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The Golden Triangle and Other Kitchen Design Ideas

Buying and selling property can often come down to two things: kitchens and bathrooms. For sellers, if budget is tight look to improve these areas with any available finance. For buyers always take a good look at the moving parts in these...
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3 Flowers To Improve Air Quality in Your Property

Whether you are preparing your property for sale or just casually browsing for horticultural tips from Edinburgh solicitors, a few flowers can always freshen up your home. They can also contribute to your health and wellbeing by helping to purify the air...