20th Anniversary

Our 20th Year Anniversary at Harrison Gardens

1997 – the Teletubbies, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Dolly the Sheep, and Hanson with the unforgettable MMMbop – looking back it’s been quite a journey. We took over from two boarded up shops – a former fish merchant and a...
Marigolds And Mop

Easter and the property selling season

We at Blair Cadell have been lucky enough, when selling properties as estate agents in Edinburgh and the surrounding regions, to share the knowledge and experience of our happiest clients about the best ways to secure the best selling outcomes. These are...
Legal Aid Couple

Not enough people know that Legal Aid in Scotland can cover Wills and Powers of Attorney

At Blair Cadell Solicitors we offer a free assessment to find out if you are eligible for Legal Aid advice and assistance for a Will and Power of Attorney. The Scottish Government is committed to supporting people having Wills and Powers of...
Elderly Care (1)

Paying For a Care Home in Scotland

Blair Cadell help many families and individuals to plan for, arrange and manage care in old age.
Front Page Looking After Your Future Leaflet

Looking After Your Future

Blair Cadell has published a simple guide with tips and pointers on all those knotty questions about Making Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives, Trusts, Care Costs, Equity Release and what to do after a death. Contact office@blaircadell.com for a free copy,...
3 generations

why writing a Will is important

Some estimates put those of us adults in the UK without a will as high as 70%. This is a high figure and there could be a variety of possible reasons for this: The fear of dying and not wanting to think...
into 2017

Blair Property Sales Predictions 2017

A surprise Brexit vote, surprise US president and a threatened second Scottish Referendum to name but three of the biggest topics. How do these and other factors affect our predictions for the housing market in East Central Scotland for 2017? House Prices...

Property update Dec 2016

Despite the well aired political and economic uncertainties of the times 2016 has seen property prices in Edinburgh steadily on the increase across all sectors apart from the very top end of the market. There are more first time buyers looking to...

Property presentation

Our experience shows us that homeowners can go wrong when selling because they do not contact the services of a solicitor estate agent. The solicitor and estate agents market in Edinburgh is very competitive and selling your house without their help will...

5 Ways to Improve the Look of Your House from the Outside Giving Buyers a Great Impression

Do as much as you can if you want to encourage multiple interest and get the highest offer. Part of this is making a great first impression. The outside of your home should look spectacular, making potential buyers want to go in...