Preparation tips for property sellers



When there is so much competition in the property market, it is important to make your property stand out. To sell your home, you must be savvy. The feeling potential buyers get when they see the property for the first time determines whether they will come back or not. In fact, the better your property presents, the higher the price you can negotiate.

At Blair Cadell, we have years of experience as estate agents and solicitors, and we see on a daily basis how much of a difference it can make. With our help, can guide you on how to present your home in the best possible way.
Get rid of clutter

When potential buyers look at a home, they want to envision themselves living there. For this reason, it is important to get rid of clutter and things that aren't used every day.

Take a look at your kitchen surfaces, tidy your showerroom and tops of all drawers. It is also best to take away personal photos and children's toys. If your home is clean and free of things, it will be easier for potential buyers to assess your property.

Remember that first impressions matter

Most buyers will form an impression of your property within the first seconds they see it. It's going to be worth the effort. Also keeping in mind, your outdoor space because it will be the first thing buyers see.

That means mowing the lawn, keeping the outdoor furniture clean and removing items that don't seem to fit in. If you have the means, planting colourful seasonal plants is a great idea too. Finally, to give the exterior of your home a fresh look, consider things like painting window frames.

Make sure your home smells good

Avoid cigarette smoke, food and pet smells.

A beautiful, fragrant bouquet of flowers, fresh linen, coffee make for a cosy and homely feel.

Fix anything that needs fixing

We all have those DIY projects that are never finished. If you plan on selling your home, it is important to make sure any minor repairs are done. Whether that is a broken bulb, scrapes in woodwork or scuffs on skirting boards, they can make the buyer question the quality of the property.

Finish those the little repairs, you don’t need to go overboard, and it could pay off.

Selling your home is an important decision and we can help with the expert advice you need in preparation, so don't hesitate to get in touch. The Property team at Blair Cadell has years of experience.

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Blogeditor 8 May 2022