Some thoughts circling the virtual working-from-home water cooler

ZenA virulent infectious disease outbreak is a scary thing to be encountered and seems to have turned all things upside down these last few helter-skelter days - in ways not easily compared.

We are aware that mental health can be affected as much as the threat to physical wellbeing.

Wall to wall news coverage can cause uninvited stress, so we're staying informed, whilst endeavouring to avoid the pitfall of Too Much Information.  

Rediscovered movies, calming music and Mindfulness with Jon Kabat Zinn are some of our favourite antidotes alongside diet and exercise.

There's a different rhythm going on, and the chance to connect in positive ways with each other and with clients in need of our assistance and support through this difficult time. 

Despite the current exigencies we are available as ever to assist whatever the legal need.  Drop us an email or give us a call if there is any legal matter you would like to discuss or which needs attention. 

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