Winter can be a tricky time for landlords with expensive repairs more likely than at any other time of year. Nearly half of private landlords avoid carrying out maintenance checks before winter. If you want happy tenants and a happy bank balance take note of the following tips.


Boiler failure can strike during the winter time and it can be an expensive fix. Make sure to have your boiler serviced at the beginning of the cold season. Another heating related problem is burst pipes as water freezes and expands in the pipes. The best way to avoid this is to keep your heating on a low setting – most radiators have a frost setting which prevents the water freezing at the lowest possible cost.


As windows and doors are closed for what feels like an eternity during the winter months, condensation can arise. The worst result is nasty damp patches on the walls. Allowing airflow through your property is important, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms where the air is more humid. Ensure that extractor fans are working properly and encourage your tenants to ventilate the property and hang their washing outside to dry if they can.

Energy Suppliers

Most landlords love a good deal and there is no better time of year to negotiate a better energy deal than winter. You can check price comparison sites for the best deals but it is often best to get on the phone to your supplier and see what they can offer. They will want to keep your business.


It’s one of those things that tends to be at the back of a landlord’s mind but a leak or blockage can mean expensive repair work. Water running down the side of the property can easily cause rot and damp. Ensure your gutters are free of leaves and debris at the start of the season.


Have you checked that your home insurance policy is up to date and comprehensive? It is important to make sure you have adequate protection for any winter-related damages. Boiler insurance is also a good idea. 

Image by Martin Burns used under CC license.