Tips to make your open day more positive


So, you’ve got your house up for sale. You’ve taken care of the big things and have even started on the little tweaks and changes that you need to entice potential buyers. The house looks lovely, through your rose coloured spectacles.  Now, your home stands far more likely to be a quick, easy sale – right?

If you are really objective, take off your rose coloured spectacles, you might not be quite ready yet. Before you can get start making that sale, presenting your property to the market, you’ll need to get ready for the viewings.  This allows people to come in and have a look around the place, seeing what they like – and dislike. A poor first impression on a viewing appointment though, could see permanent changes in the way that a buyer will look at the property.

Before you start inviting people round to see the old place, then, here are some must-have tips that will make your open day far more positive!

  • Reduce Your Sentimentality. One of the biggest issues with a viewing is still leaving around the little things that makes a house your home. From religious artwork to pictures of the family dog, you can put people off by making things so specific. The aim of a property viewing is to entice the person to see how they could work with the property. You need neutrality to avoid them feeling too bogged down by what style you held. Remember that you are selling the home, so that emotional attachment must go if you wish to succeed.
  • Slick and Shine. When moving to a new property, you will likely commemorate it with items like new towels and the like. So, do yourself a favour and invest in new towels nice and early, so that you can use them in the viewing for your current property. Cleaning the place up with some added charm and freshness can really help. Your sale is likely to be much more attractive if you can give a household without stains and marks, as well as using new, fresh towels. Again, it allows the potential buyer to see how it will look when they move in and inject their own personality.
  • Remove Obscurity. One of the biggest problems in a viewing is leaving out the little ornaments and features that can take away from the prime aim of a room. From having obstacles in the way of a stunning view from the living room to a getting rid of small appliances that clutter the place up, you make it much easier for the household to come across as attractive and engaging to a potential buyer. This allows them to see the full potential of every room, rather than what you have made of its potential.
  • Make It Flow. Lastly, make sure that you take the time to build a bit more flow around the household. You might be used to having to take that little L-turn around one sofa and into the kitchen, but people coming to buy won’t be. So, get rid of this confusion and this irritation by making the room flow much better. By getting rid of the little quirks that you are used to, you can make it easier for people to get around your home and see how fluid it would be to live in themselves.


With the above, you can make sure that you remove the personalisation and the obscure, personal choices that can limit your appeal. It takes a lot of time and a fair bit of convincing to de-personalise your home, but it’s a necessity if you want to get those positive impressions and attractive offers.


Blair Cadell, Edinburgh Solicitors and Estate Agents.

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