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When it comes to social media, individuals and businesses are in the hunt for one important thing: influence. We hear much talk of social ‘influencers’ these days, from bubbly teenage vloggers to media savvy brands with distinctive voices, like Innocent Drinks. But the fastest rising group of social influencers, according to The Times, happens to be relatable middle-aged women. This is particularly true on Instagram, where midlife photography enthusiasts are taking the platform by storm.

Leading the pack are women like Kat Farmer, a 39-year-old mum who swapped a a busy life in the city for the country. With her youngest child starting school, she found herself with plenty of spare time, so she decided to start up a blog and an Instagram account – Does My Bum look 40 in This? That was around five years ago, and today Kat Farmer is herself a mini-brand with thousands of followers, deals with M&S and House of Fraser, and a healthy income.

Like many mid-life instagrammers, Farmer’s blog and social output is based around clothes and fashion. As well as being a relatable subject for casual browsers, this opens up the door for lucrative endorsement deals from clothes companies and major brands. Her success shows that good taste and personality can turn a hobby blog into a well-paid career.

Making money on social media has traditionally been viewed as a young person’s game, but mummy bloggers are bucking the trend. No longer do you need millions of followers, model good-looks or an IT background. Starting up your own blog is now easier than ever and setting yourself up on social media only takes ten minutes. Building an audience with engaging content is the tricky part, but with a good idea, good writing and some sharp images you can make your mark.

Along with fashion, another popular subject is wellness and health. Bloggers and influencers who focus on topics such as mindfulness have become hot property. But it is important to remember that although it might sound easy, the most successful mummy bloggers take their job seriously, adopting a professional mindset. Bored housewives playing with their phones these are not. Blog posts can take hours of research, designing the right look for your site takes work too, and developing deals with brands also takes time. Posting daily content to Instagram and other social media accounts is similarly a never-ending battle. So, while it’s easy to set up a mummy-blog, making a successful one requires dedication.

Here are some top tips for setting yourself up as a mid-life micro-influencer on Instagram.


Put Yourself Out There


People love personal stories and on social media you are definitely your biggest asset. Forget impersonal, stock content and start posting pictures of yourself and your story. As you will most likely start with only a small audience of friends and family, this kind of content will create the biggest appeal.


Be Bold with Your Visuals


You don’t have to be David Bailey or Ansel Adams to build an Instagram following, but a little thought and a few editing skills can go a long way. Popular feeds always have striking images, regardless of whether the subject is shoes or sushi.


Master the Art of Caption Writing


Along with great images, penning the right caption to accompany your photo is crucial. Long captions are really in at the moment as they are a great way of starting a conversation.


Always Reply to Comments


Engaging with your audience is one of the most important things you can do on social media. If you are content to leave comments without a response it’s unlikely you’ll become the next big influencer on the scene.


Use Hashtags


Make it easy for people to find your content by creating hashtags. These act like an index bringing new followers to your account who may be interest in the content you share.


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