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The Bank of Mum and Dad: 5 Tips

Research suggests that this year the so-called Bank of Mum and Dad will pay out more than ever before.
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Must Do's for Over 50's: Power of Attorney

Around 40% of us will have a period of incapacity in our lives. Incapacity with no POA is a family disaster – nobody can do anything.
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Will pensioners downsize their family homes?

The number of pensioners preparing to “downsize” into smaller homes is expected to double over the next 18 years, as older homeowners take advantage of newly attractive incentives to move. However experts have warned that the UK still remains deeply unprepared to...
20th Anniversary

Our 20th Year Anniversary at Harrison Gardens

1997 – the Teletubbies, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Dolly the Sheep, and Hanson with the unforgettable MMMbop – looking back it’s been quite a journey. We took over from two boarded up shops – a former fish merchant and a...

On-The-Day Must-Do’s For Showing Your House

So, you’ve got your house up for sale. You’ve taken care of the big things and have even started on the little tweaks and changes that you need to entice potential buyers. The house looks lovely, through your rose coloured spectacles. Now,...
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How Mid-life Instagrammers are Hitting it Big

When it comes to social media, individuals and businesses are in the hunt for one important thing: influence. We hear much talk of social ‘influencers’ these days, from bubbly teenage vloggers to media savvy brands with distinctive voices, like Innocent Drinks. But...
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Easter and the property selling season

We at Blair Cadell have been lucky enough, when selling properties as estate agents in Edinburgh and the surrounding regions, to share the knowledge and experience of our happiest clients about the best ways to secure the best selling outcomes. These are...
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Not enough people know that Legal Aid in Scotland can cover Wills and Powers of Attorney

At Blair Cadell Solicitors we offer a free assessment to find out if you are eligible for Legal Aid advice and assistance for a Will and Power of Attorney. The Scottish Government is committed to supporting people having Wills and Powers of...
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Paying For a Care Home in Scotland

Blair Cadell help many families and individuals to plan for, arrange and manage care in old age.
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Looking After Your Future

Blair Cadell has published a simple guide with tips and pointers on all those knotty questions about Making Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives, Trusts, Care Costs, Equity Release and what to do after a death. Contact for a free copy,...