We opened our doors at 1 Harrison Gardens 20 years ago this summer

1997 – the Teletubbies, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Dolly the Sheep, and Hanson with the unforgettable MMMbop – looking back it’s been quite a  journey.  We took over from two boarded up shops – a former fish merchant and a traditional old grocer.  We refurbished the premises and set out with our provision of legal and estate agency services to the local community and beyond, and have enjoyed every moment since.

We have advised and guided many individuals and families in their house moves to and from the Shandon/Slateford area, the west of Edinburgh and further all points further afield.  It is always interesting to hear about our clients’ moves, and we have always strived to do our very best to ensure the smooth running of their affairs.

Some we have helped move many times over and it is great for us to keep in touch. There are still familiar faces at Blair Cadell from 20 years ago too.

When we opened our doors in 1997 a lower colony across the road in Shaftesbury Park would sell for around £120,000 and an upper colony would be on the market for around £180,000.  In 2017 you could be looking at £250,000 and £425,000 respectively.  A two bed flat in Ashley Terrace would sell for £160,000. 

What a difference 20 years in the Edinburgh property market makes.  It has not all been an upward movement.  The credit crunch and banking crisis of 2008 had a big impact on property values, and the market remained slow in the ensuing years 2008-2013.  But things did start to improve, with confidence returning to the market and banks starting to lend again.

This summer of 2017 we are in a sellers’ market in Edinburgh as many will be aware, with a shortage of property and fierce competition from buyers for those which do come to the market.

We have seen all different kinds of markets over our 20 years in Harrison Gardens at Blair Cadell   But one thing is constant and that is our dedication to our clients, and our experience and understanding of the local market. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to deliver the best results.   There’s always change but what will always be the same at Blair Cadell is the welcome our clients receive and the dedication we give.

The property team are always happy to help.  Just come in, call or click any time for property advice that's hard to beat for quality and value.

20Th Anniversary

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