Not enough people know that Legal Aid in Scotland can cover Wills and Powers of Attorney
At Blair Cadell Solicitors we offer a free assessment to find out if you are eligible for Legal Aid advice and assistance for a Will and Power of Attorney. 
The Scottish Government is committed to supporting people having Wills and Powers of Attorney, and it takes only a few minutes to assess

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 Consider that:

  • Law centres and many solicitors in Scotland provide Legal Aid   
  • Legal Aid covers lots of legal work - not just court or tribunal cases
  • "Advice and Assistance" is Legal Aid for non court work
  • Advaice and Assistance is relatively generous to pensioners in Scotland and simple to get
  • For some people Advice and Asistance is free - others have to pay a contribution
  • Many house owning pensioners qualify for Advice and Assistance
  • Advice and Assistance can be granted immediately by solicitors and law centres
  • You can check with any solicitor if they do Legal Aid by telephone
  • You can also check if you qualify for Advice and Assistance eligibility over the telephone
  • Advice and Asistance covers Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives and much more
  • SOPS (Solicitors for Older People Scotland), an afinity group of Scottish solicitors provising legal services to older people in Scotland, and of which Blair Cadell are a member firm, do "Free First Interviews" covering Advice and Assistance eligibility
  • At a first meeting you need to take proof of ID and Income
  • For court actions a more complex legal aid scheme exists

Legal Aid is an entitlement you should use if you need it.  We are member of Solicitors for Older People Scotland and are happy to offer a free assessment

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