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The cost of elderly care can be a worry if you suddenly find yourself in a rush to organise for you or a family member to go into care. With a bit of preparation and some trusted legal advice, you will find that much of the stress can be avoided. Blair Cadell help many families and individuals to plan for, arrange and manage care in old age. Below is a brief introduction to paying for care.

Scottish Care Home Costs

If you or a family member need to be looked after in a care home you will have to negotiate three costs.

  • Personal care costs
  • Nursing care costs
  • Hotel costs

Personal care costs include things like help with washing and food preparation. Nursing care costs cover any medical help you might receive from a nurse or doctor. Hotel costs cover things like heating and food.

Help Paying For Care

Before going into care, if you think you need financial assistance, your local council’s social work department will perform a social work assessment of your care needs. This is to establish whether you qualify for financial help with your care. It may turn out that you have to contribute to the costs of your care. Contact us by phone or email if you are concerned about this.

Paying for Personal Care and Nursing Costs

The amount you will have to contribute to these care costs will depend partly on your assessment by the social work department, your age and your means. Free personal care is available for everyone aged 65 and over in Scotland who have been assessed by the local authority as needing it.

Paying For Hotel Costs

Your local authority will carry out a financial assessment to see whether you can afford to contribute to these everyday costs. Any income and savings you have will be taken into account.

  • If you have capital of less than £13,750 you will not have to contribute.
  • If you have capital of more than £22,500 you will have to pay for all of your hotel costs. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not entitled to free personal and nursing care.

Paying The Costs Without Help

If you are able to cover the costs of care with your income and savings you will not have to take an assessment.

For more information contact us today. If you’re just browsing take a look at the Scottish Government’s section on care for older people.