The majority of us have not made Will provisions

Some estimates put those of us adults in the UK without a will as high as 70%.  This is a high figure and there could be a variety of possible reasons for this:

  • The fear of dying and not wanting to think about it, not wanting to face our own mortality.  It can seem a bit scary.
  • Putting it off until we are older
  • Having misconceptions about what happens when you die without a Will. Someone else will take care of it.  Not of concern to me.

Our advice is that you should make a Will

3 generations

We would say that as solicitors, wouldn’t we?  We however see all the downsides for families who do not know the wishes of their family member who has passed away if they do not leave clear instructions of their wishes.  The best legally binding way to do this is to make a Will.  

A Will is a legal document setting out  what you want to happen to your assets and possessions when you die. If you pass away without a valid Will, your estate would be 'intestate' in which circumstances your assets don't automatically pass to a spouse or next of kin. The courts decide how assets in your estate are to be divided in line with the rules on intestacy.  This may well not match your intentions, preferences or wishes, and can be distressing for families as well as expensive to resolve. 

The situation can be easily avoided with a Will in place and Blair Cadell offer a Will service at a competitive price of £225 plus VAT.  A bit like a one-off insurance premium.

Here are three good reasons why you should make a Will as soon as possible:

  • Because your wishes may not be carried out otherwise
  • Because nobody knows what's around the corner
  • Because it will make things easier for those you leave behind

We advise our clients on a daily basis on setting up a Will.  Please give us a call and we will be able to look after you and your affairs.

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