Many home owners can find it challenging to sell their homes when they need to and when they do, make sure they don’t sell for less than they were planning for.

Our experience shows us that homeowners can go wrong when selling because they do not contact the services of a solicitor estate agent. The solicitor and estate agents market in Edinburgh is very competitive and selling your house without their help will not always be the best decision.


As solicitors and estate agents in Edinburgh, we are well informed on market developments and will assist you to bargain for the highest price for your home.  If you are considering selling your home in Edinburgh, first thing you need to do is to contact us.  As solicitors we will go ahead with the major part of the business, register with ESPC, and give you our best advice and best marketing strategy. 

There are plenty things to do if you want to sell and get the best price.

Begin to de-personalise your home. Try not to make it look or feel too much like your domain.  Make it as easy as possible for the prospective purchaser to see your home as theirs.  Take out things that stamp it as yours like family pictures, whilst presenting as attractively as possible. 

You should declutter. You need to give a prospective buyer the impression that your home is spacious even if it’s not. Try rearranging furniture and removing unnecessary equipment and wires - storing items neatly in cupboards.  Put all those empty boxes of shoes and toys under the bed. Let the house be clean, airy and spacious. This way, it is more welcoming.

Clean thoroughly.  You would prefer not to discourage any potential home purchasers by giving them a chance to perceive how dusty or untidy your home is, says a solicitor that has years of involvement in estate agency in Edinburgh.  Your home must be truly spotless.  It might be worth considering a professional cleaning service to do the job for you. 

Just like when you’re deciding on your solicitor and estate agent, these investments will certainly be well worth the candle.

Blair Cadell solicitors and estate agents will give you a FREE expert appraisal of your property which apart from value and marketing strategy, will help you look at any potential issues that you haven't already taken note of, and look at stand out presentation issues might want to address.

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