A well-dressed home can reduce a residential property’s time on the market by 25-50 per cent and add 5-20 per cent to its price, the US National Association of Realtors says

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Can't say the American's are always ahead, but in Scotland we appear to be following their lead, with 10 per cent of sellers using professional home-styling services, up from 5 per cent four years ago. Here are some top tips for making the very most of your home when presenting it for sale to the market.

Display books on coffee tables. Scented candles or good quality room diffusers may help with smell and look. To create a bright ambience, use stronger wattage bulbs. Replace personal photos with more generic ones. Declutter and have clear surfaces in your home.

Flowers add colour and warmth to a room, while box hedging and indoor plants can be used to create a feature within a living space. Floors make a strong first impression on people; feature rugs, good-quality carpets or well-maintained hard flooring is very important. Frayed carpets or damaged hard flooring should be replaced. Finally, any music being played should have broad appeal, with the volume set low so as not to be distracting.

Touch up any chips in your paintwork in your property, we all have a budget we will be working within, but take your prospective purchaser's eye off as many imperfect details as possible.  They all add up and make an impression.  Effort in making a good impression is bound to pay dividends.  The more the viewer can see themselves in your home and the less they have to do in purchasing it, the better chance you have of a successful sale.  

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