Six Essential Home Improvements Before Selling your Home

We all love those home improvement shows where someone buys a wreck of a house for next to nothing, makes some clever renovations and then sells it for a fortune. When it comes to our own homes though we can be blind to their faults, and it can be hard to know what sort of improvements are worth doing to sell your home, and which are not worth the money.

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The first and most effective home improvement is the one which costs the least money. If your home is crammed with ornaments, pictures and family photos, it can be hard for prospective buyers to imagine what it might be like with their stuff in it instead. Be ruthless with your de-cluttering, only keeping those things you absolutely cannot do without and put everything else into self-storage. Prices vary,  but expect to pay around £50 to £100 per month for a garden shed sized unit.

Double Glazing

Double glazing is at the other end of the scale when it comes to expense, but is an investment worth making if you are trying to sell your property. New double glazing can cost around £10,000 but we reckon that it can add at least 10% onto the value of your property. If you live in a period house, use wooden double glazed units rather than uPVC; to keep correctly within planning regulations.


Fast, reliable internet is now so important for buyers that they are considering it along with schools and parking when it comes to decisions about houses. If you have fibre-optic or cable broadband in the house already mention this on the particulars, if not, consider getting it installed. If it is not available in your area, look into satellite broadband as an alternative.

Paint the Front Door

When was the last time you painted the front door? First impressions really do count, and if your wooden front door has seen better days, a few coats of paint will work wonders. Stick to classic black or white or muted shades and not every buyer will be attracted by a bright pink or orange front door. 

Outdoor paint, sandpaper and brushes will only cost around £50, and if the whole door needs replacing, this can be done for around £500. Putting pots with flowers by the door or having hanging baskets on the porch will also enhance first impressions. Also consider painting or re-rendering the whole outside of the house.

Add A Bathroom

New build houses are now built with at least one bathroom to every two bedrooms, and usually have a downstairs loo as well. If you are trying to sell an older, larger property with only one bathroom, adding an additional loo, or even better a shower room, will add up to 10% to the home’s value. If you have large bedrooms, consider re-configuring the space to allow you to add another bathroom or ensuite, turn a cupboard into a small wet room, or split an existing large bathroom in half. This is not a cheap home improvement at around £10,000 for the building and plumbing work required, but if you are selling a larger family home it may be an investment well worth making.

Touching up chipped paintwork

Check all paintwork and wash marks off walls and paint any chipped skirting boards to take the eye off any imperfections.

 All of these improvements will be dependent on your budget.  We are very happy to look at your property, give you a free valuation and suggest improvements within your budget, to maximise the value of your property when you put it on the market.