We are experiencing record numbers of buyers registering their interest online.

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The property market has been regularly making the headlines this year, with news of increased property prices, and a shortage of houses, says Jacquie Macdonald, Head of Corporate Development at Blair Cadell Solicitors.

Blair Cadell  have years of experience in successfully selling properties across Edinburgh and the Lothians and constantly monitor the property market in order to advise local buyers and sellers on the best time to make their move.

Here are the top five reasons to sell your home now:

Make the most of the demand

There was an increase in registered house hunters this year according to the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA). The same report revealed that 28% of these hunters are first time buyers; who are in a great position to buy property from those looking to move up the ladder.

These keen buyers are creating a competitive atmosphere which is resulting in great selling prices.

There is no guarantee that this demand will increase during 2016, especially as prices continue to soar, so putting your house on the market now will almost certainly entice active buyers.

More competition is around the corner

In the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors' (RICS) latest Residential Market Survey it states: "the imbalance between demand and supply continues to be a key driver of price appreciation." Simply, there are still not enough homes for sale to satisfy the number of buyers on the market.

With little competition from other properties, many buyers are forced to make offers at the top-end of their limit; very favourable to sellers.

Move up or move down - the choice is yours

If you're keen to move up the ladder into a larger more expensive home think about how much more this could cost you if you delay, as property prices are set to increase and mortgage interest rates show signs of rising.

Downsizers are also benefitting thanks to the amount of equity their homes have now generated. This puts you in a great position to temporarily rent if your ideal home isn't on the market yet; leaving you in a very good position to make an offer as a cash buyer.

Take a leap and save time

Starting the selling and buying journey sooner rather than later will put you in the best position to make an offer on your next home. Take the leap and reap the benefits.

Is it worth waiting?

Think about your reasons for selling in the first place. Is it really worth waiting any longer? This could be the best time to sell your house and reap the benefits.

To find out more about successfully selling with  Blair Cadell please give us a ring on 0131 337 1800 and speak to Angela, Kirsty or Robin to arrange a FREE valuation.

Robin Davie

Property Manager Email: robin.davie@blaircadell.com