buying property can be emotional

Buying a new home in Edinburgh or elsewhere in Scotland is a huge decision in your life. Our property experts will provide you with peace of mind so you can look forward to the excitement of getting the keys and opening your front door for the very first time. Here are some emotions that every homebuyer goes through:


info overload

Information overload – Searching through hundreds of property listings, reading home reports, studying school catchment areas and contacting estate agents during your initial property search is a lot to take in…




Excitement - the moment you find your dream home.




Relief - the moment you find a home that you can actually afford!



head scratch

Headscratching – As you look around properties at scheduled viewings and try to imagine yourself living in them



fingers crossed

Fingers crossed - As you try to agree a mortgage in principle and get in touch with a solicitor.




Determination – as one offer doesn’t hit the mark and you start over again



more determination

More determination – when you put in a really good offer the next time




Success – you’ve just bought a house!



chilled out

Chilled out – The keys are in your hand and the house is yours.  It’s time to move in…


Ready to buy a property in Edinburgh or elsewhere in Scotland? Contact Blair Cadell today. Below are some of the things that set us apart:

  • Knowledge - we know the local and national markets inside out which will help you get the right property at the best price
  • Fixed costs - we will take care of the whole home buying process for you from start to finish at a pre-agreed cost
  • Small enough to care - our personal service is second to none and we're always at the other end of the phone to answer your questions

Blair Cadell are a leading firm of Edinburgh solicitors dealing in a wide range of property, business, tax and personal legal matters.

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