3 Innovative Startup Businesses

Blair Cadell can advise on all methods of business start and set up including related tax and accountancy services. Whether you are thinking about becoming a sole trader or starting a limited partnership, we can help you get on the right legal...
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High Demand For Shandon Property

At our Harrison Gardens property centre we have seen record prices paid in this year for Shandon property, with a very high percentage of properties going to closing dates. It goes without saying that in the current market more quality properties for...
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7 Money Saving Tips for First Time Buyers

There’s no denying it: buying a house isn’t cheap. However, there is nothing that can quite match the excitement of buying a property, especially for the first time.
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9 Emotions You Experience When Buying a House

Buying a new home in Edinburgh or elsewhere in Scotland is a huge decision in your life. Our property experts will provide you with peace of mind so you can look forward to the excitement of getting the keys and opening your...