Now is a great time to sell!

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Compared with other parts of Scotland, the Edinburgh property market has been remarkably buoyant for the last few years. Edinburgh is full of desirable property and recent changes to the LBTT have not dampened activity. There is a general consensus among those in the industry that is a great time to sell and if you are in need of some extra persuasion here are 5 genuine reasons to sell your Edinburgh property:


1.Shortage of Good Quality Property on The Market

There is nothing as exciting as a great property coming onto the market. The problem is there just aren’t enough! There is always a buzz of activity when a quality property goes up for sale in Edinburgh.


2.Lots of buyers

 At Blair Cadell we receive constant enquiries about properties on and coming onto market from potential buyers. If you are thinking about selling your property take heart that there are plenty of willing buyers out there.


3.Competitive Mortgage Rates

 Talk to our IFA and you will soon discover that lenders are offering very competitive rates at the moment. Lenders have got more money and are competing with each other again meaning that rates are historically low.


4. More first time buyers in the market

 With government schemes like help to buy, good lending rates and improved employment in Scotland, there has been a surge in first time buyers. More first time buyers brings movement to the whole market and is a good sign for sellers of different types of property.


5. Over 55s can access pension funds

Due to recent changes in UK legislation, over 55s can now access hitherto untouched pension funds. With this extra cash many are investing in properties to let. This is a new part of the market that we haven’t seen before. Great news for sellers!


When you're thinking of selling your home, it pays to make sure you choose the right firm of estate agents.

Here are just some of the reasons why people trust Blair Cadell:

Value - our commitment to providing a big firm service at a small firm cost

Communication - you'll get regular updates on all aspects of your property sale

Convenience - estate agency, conveyancing and legal services from one friendly firm.


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