How technology might help us with elderly care

An ageing population means the UK faces some difficult challenges in the very near future. By the 2020 we will have a million more pensioners and as advances in healthcare continue to improve, the issue of elderly care will remain high on the political agenda

 It is essential that older people receive the care that they deserve. Every situation is different and we are lucky in Edinburgh where there are a wealth of quality care and nursing facilities. Making key decisions on care as early as possible is the best way to ensure dignity and security.

Scientific innovation and new technologies are one way that we can look to improve on our current systems. Below are three surprising new innovations that could soon be seen in a care environment near you. Some of them are pretty bizarre!

Cody The Robotic Nurse Assistant


The advent of robotic nurses won’t be to everybody’s taste, but with a shortage of nurses and care workers we may see benign robots taking on some of the strain. Cody the robot was developed by engineers at the University of Georgia and is gentle enough to bathe elderly patients. Controlled by the patient, the robot is told which part of the body to clean and uses a laser range finder and camera to identify its target. This sounds a bit scary but in fact many patients find having a bed bath conducted by another person to be a bit embarrassing – there’s nothing to be embarrassed about in front of Cody!

A Therapeutic Robot That Looks Like a Seal

fluffy seal

Animal therapy has been proven to have many health benefits. Interaction with a friendly pet lifts spirits and lessens depression, can lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health. Now a friendly robot shaped like a fluffy seal called PARO brings the power of animal therapy into hospitals. This innovative robot is designed to help people with Alzheimer’s and dementia experience the benefits of pet therapy in environments where having live animals around isn’t possible. With many different sensors, PARO can react to human contact and interaction in

The Senior Network

hands at computer

One of the problems of getting older that isn’t talked about enough is isolation. Getting older can mean losing the daily interaction with others that is so vital to a healthy a life. With the rise of social media this may be about to change. An Israeli organisation has already begun to bring social media to the elderly care space with a project called The Senior Network. The project aims to bring isolated people together in video forums, seminars and online classes to encourage social interaction and participation. As more and more older people join online social networks, bthe connective power of social media may bring about an elderly care revolution!

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