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There are many stages in the process of moving into a new property and each presents it own challenges. One minute you’re organising how much you can borrow, the next minute you’re rushing to property viewings, talking to solicitors, pouring over home reports, putting in offers…! When moving day finally arrives it can feel like you’ve just come off the back of an ultra-marathon. With so many things going on it’s no surprise that a few little things fall by the wayside. Here are 3 things to remember:


Re-direct & De-register


Moving into your new home may also mean moving into a completely new area.  Make sure that you have your mail re-directed from your existing address to avoid mail mishaps. You can establish which people/companies and services will need to be informed of your new address when you are settled in.  A new doctor, dentist, vet and other important services will also need to be arranged if you are making  a move to a new area


Check and Photograph Your Meters


Before you leave your old home make sure to check your meter readings and take a photograph. This will avoid any complication with bills further down the line. As you enter your new house for the first time once again you should take photographs of the meter readings to avoid potential conflict.


Round Up Spare Keys


While you may not have thought about your spare keys in months or years, getting hold of them when you move is essential. The new owners of your old home will certainly want them. If you moved into a new area and there were sets of spare keys to your house dotted all over the place you wouldn’t be too pleased!


Particularly for those new to moving house, ticking off small tasks like these can make moving day a little easier. For more information on moving house take a look at this handy guide by the ESPC.

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