Repairing minor problems can increase value in the long run

If you are planning to sell your home soon you may feel you have limited time and budget to tackle any niggling repairs. Taking care of these minor problems, however, will be time and money well spent. Anything you do towards repairs now will mean a better chance of avoiding a price reduction further down the line if your house sits on the market.

Buyers are much more likely to ask for concessions if your property appears to be in a state of disrepair – even a mild one. Here are 5 reasons to put aside some of your budget and carry out repairs on your home in the run up to a sale.

 Buyers Will Carry Out a Thorough Inspection

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There’s no tricking a canny buyer. If somebody is interested in your property they will inspect every nook and cranny looking for issues and repairs.

Common Repairs are Usually Inexpensive

A leaky tap, a stain on a wall, cracked plaster or a dodgy light fitting are some of the small details that buyers will notice immediately, even if you have learned to live with them yourself. These are projects that can be fixed in a day or two. Don’t let a minor fault ruin your big first impression.

You Will Increase Perceived Value

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Some viewers may only see your property for a few minutes during an open viewing. These few minutes can mean the difference between whether they go home smiling or frowning. A property that seems well maintained will have a much better perceived value to fly-by visitors.

Your Estate Agent Will Love to Show Off Your Property

When an estate agent meets a good property, something magic happens and clients are ushered through the front door at a dizzying rate. If your estate agent is beaming about how well maintained you have kept your home you can be sure that potential buyers will be the first to hear about it.

A Fast Sale at a Higher Price

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Having a genuinely well-maintained property is the first step to securing a sale at the price you want. It’s as simple as that.

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