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If a seller is given the correct advice and adopts the right marketing approach then their property is much more likely to attract a buyer.

Edinburgh property owners, do you view your property through 'rose-tinted spectacles'? Many of us do, especially in Edinburgh, which is full of desirable property. Don't worry - at Blair Cadell we have an expert knowledge of the Edinburgh property market and we offer no nonsense, cost effective guidance for sellers.

Contact us for a free valuation and our property manager Robin Davie will provide an objective view on the real condition of your property, how it should be presented and what, if anything, you should do to prepare the property for sale.

Robin's opinion:

"Property purchasers are a sophisticated group and they rightly want value for money. It is my job to assist my clients in fulfilling and meeting purchasers expectations in order to achieve a successful sale."

"If a buyer has to compromise and do even minor decoration or routine maintenance it can be off-putting and encourage them to drive a hard bargain. It is important to remember that small things can affect the selling price you achieve for your property.'

Robin's many years of experience mean that he can offer invaluable, objective advice that is easy to follow.  Achieving a successful sale for a property in Edinburgh means pulling out all the stops to make it a 'stand out' property of its type.  Every seller has a budget to work within to achieve this standard of presentation - Robin knows this and will advise accordingly.

Blair Cadell are a long established Edinburgh legal firm with an excellent reputation built on trust and quality service. Look at our properties for sale here.