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House hunters spend on average just twenty five minutes and thirty seconds looking over a property before deciding to buy it, a new poll by Barrat Homes has revealed. This is less time than it takes to watch an episode of Eastenders - amazingly we take on average just seven and a half minutes less to decide on a new pair of jeans.

If you think this is wacky, according to the poll, one in eight people purchase a property without even seeing it! A spokesperson for the study said (quite rightly) that buying a property is a major life decision and "it is really important for the buyer to be 100% happy and confident in their decision. Rushing this decision can and should be avoided."

So why are people hurrying such a big  decision?

Some 28% of buyers said they pulled the chequebook out quickly because they 'did not want to put off the vendor by spending too much time there.'

More than a quarter said they felt pressure from estate agents to make a speedy purchase, while one in four was not sure how to arrange a second viewing.

Commenting on the study in the Metro newspaper this week, social anthropologist Kate Fox said:

"given the deep emotional importance of the house in society , there is something very interesting about this disproportionally short amount of time - if any at all - that prospective buyers spend in a house before making the decision to buy.

"when we enter a person's home with the intention of buying it, it can seem strange and uncomfortable - like an inquisition or invasion of privacy."

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