presenting your property

When it comes to selling a property, presentation is everything - here are ten easy to implement tips for making your home into a palace.

1a Nothing improves the atmosphere of a home more than bright, light spaces - mirrors can help, and strategic "day-light" lighting.

2 Each room needs a clear function to help viewers visualise their needs, and remember the property after they have gone.

3 Make the most of your outdoor space.  Trim trees and bushes to maximise light.  Tidy the garden.

4 You don't have to spend big money.  Buyers will have their own desires and ideas.

5 Sort out minor repairs - people will feel confident that you have looked after the property.

6 Welcome your audience.  Viewers may form an opinion of your home just from the outside, without even crossing the threshold, and if they don't like what they see, they may not even come in.

7 De-clutter.  Emphasise the feeling of space.  Tidy cupboards - put things away, and watch your house expand.  Make the beds, do the washing up, clean the sink, and clear the kitchen work surfaces. Empty the kitchen bin. Tidy away children's toys and pets belongings.  Make sure bathrooms are clean, and tidy.

8 Light, sound and temperature.  Get the lighting right.  Optimise natural light, electric lights, blinds and curtains.  Your home should be inviting - cool in summer and warm in winter.  Turn off the TV and put the radio or CD player on softly. How about a vase of fresh flowers?

9 The scent of success.  Your home will be enhanced by the smell of a cake baking, or freshly brewed coffee. Often the effect is subliminal: days later viewers don't always realise exactly why they got such good vibes from your home.

10 Viewing.  Be on time. Make your viewers feel at home.  Show them round, then let them look round the property again on their own so that they can gather their own thoughts and impressions.