Yearning for green space, birdsong, country air, a few cows? Well you're not alone - research from Savills shows that we love the idea of a second house in the country. Or at least one outside of the city limits. Whether it's a charming cottage or a refined rectory there's something to be said for a change of pace and the smell of livestock.


Home Numbers

Council Tax records indicate that there are over 255,000 second homes in the UK, accounting for 1.1% of UK housing stock.

Location, Location

The top 5 locations for second homes are the Isles of Scilly, South Hams, North Norfolk, Purbeck and Scarborough.

Designer Residence

Georgian houses remain firm favourites and their light, airy, spacious rooms are well suited to modern living.

Making Waves

Homes by the sea command a premium with property values 35% higher than comparable homes a few miles inland. People buy near water to protect their views and surroundings.

Buyer Profile

Beyond the capital, 28% of all properties over £1m are sold to buyers from London. There is geographical variation, so in Surrey, London buyers account for 31% of £1m+sales, in Wiltshire its 25% and in Devon its 15%.

New Build

New country houses are enjoying a renaissance because it can be cheaper to build a new home than restore an existing one. Plus new build properties are VAT free

Value Added

The value of country houses in key locations has risen by 9.5% in the past three years.

(adapted from Barometer Magazine)


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