The secret to attracting a buyer for your property with interior design is subtlety - too personal and your potential buyers won't be able to envisage your place as their own,  too garish or messy and they might not even step inside the front door.  Below is a rundown of how to keep your interior looking fresh, simple and classy.


You don't have to have Sevres porcelain or knickknacks handcrafted by the mayans on your mantelpiece to lure in potential buyers. In actual fact this is a bad thing to do - keep it simple with neutral toned ceramics and maybe a candle here and there. Go for fresh flowers to add a splash of colour.

Perfect: luxury candles, modest ceramics

Acceptable: fruit

Definitely not: lava lamps, Dr Who memorabilia

dr who


If you are serious about selling your property and you have a lot of photographs on display it is a good idea to put away most of them. If a house feels too much like somebody else's home it can be difficult for buyers to connect with it.

Perfect: Photos in storage

Acceptable: A few tasteful black and white pictures

Definitely not: Photos of your cat squadron or cherished tribal tattoos



Never place a cushion at an angle. Avoid cushions that are 30cm square or less. Don't go overboard with throws and always make sure to fluff. For sofas it can be nice to have a bit of a mix and match while for beds it is best to go for one or two colours.

Perfect: Bold but simple in the living room, neutral in the bedroom

Acceptable: a throw or two

Definitely not: zebra print



Fresh flowers are great for giving your room a splash of colour, but be careful as some varieties can be smelly. Try to avoid leaving murky water in the vase.

Perfect: elegant  lillies

Acceptable: fruit

Definitely not: last year's Christmas tree, plastic shrubs, proliferations of potted cacti



While it will of course be hard, you will have to wait until you move into your new place before you once again hang up your partner's watercolour study of the sky above Bognor Regis. Like photographs, any artwork that is too garish or personal (or just plain bad) may put buyers off - so keep it simple and tasteful.

Perfect: artwork that is striking yet unobtrusive

Acceptable: basic sunsets and seascapes

Definitely not: paint by numbers, animals in formaldehyde



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