bench photo

Last month Blair Cadell Solicitors donated a bench to Harrison Park. You can find it just around the corner from our Harrison Gardens property centre. Handcrafted by the finest artisan craftsmen and installed by Edinburgh Council, the bespoke pew has already become a hit with local residents.

The bench was paid for with the fee we received from the BBC after they recently used our Shandon office to film an episode of the sitcom Pramface. It seemed fitting to do something a bit different with the money as it is not every day the office is taken over by a big camera crew.

Donating something to your local community is not only rewarding in itself, research shows that giving back to your community is good for business. It can create positive feeling towards a business and has other benefits too. Here are five ways that being charitable can help your business:

Increases awareness.Charity events like sponsored runs or bake sales can be a great way to meet your local community and contribute to a good cause. Volunteer programs can boost your name, recognition and reputation - contacts made by getting involved in charity work can lead to new clients further down the line.

Improves morale. Taking part in big charity events like Movember or Comic Relief gives employees and employers a chance to bond. On a local level, charitable giving is a way to help others and feel like you are giving back to the community that has supported your business and helped it grow.

Publicity. Promoting a partnership with a local charity is beneficial for all concerned. If the charity also promotes your relationship both organisations end up with double the publicity!

Tax benefits. You may be able to claim volunteer time and monetary and in-kind contributions to non-profit groups on your income taxes.

Self growth. Supporting a good cause should reflect natural generosity and a passion to help others. People can tell very quickly if a business is being sincere, and they will respond to this enthusiasm. Charitable work may bring with it recognition and a bit of free advertising, however, the time, money, and effort that you invest in charity should be its own reward - and reason enough to continue giving.

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