Most of us will have given at least some thought to the consequences of what will happen should Scotland become an independent country later this year. What will happen to our relationship with the EU? To Trident? To Eastenders? There are many questions - and as for answers? Well, there is the hefty white paper - but it doesn't exactly shout 'barrel of laughs.' And of course there are surveys and polls.

The most recent survey of social attitudes to Independence has revealed that economic matters are weighing most on Scotland's mind ahead of the referendum in September. The survey (by Not-For-Profit, which took the views of 1,497 adults) found that:

  • -- 52% of people would support independence, and 30% would oppose it if they thought they would be £500 a year better off.

  • -- 15% would support independence and 72% would be opposed if they thought they would be £500 a year worse off

  • -- 71% of those who think Scotland's economy would be 'better' under independence say they 'will' or 'think they are most likely' to vote 'yes'.

  • -- While 81% of those who think the economy would be 'worse' are inclined to vote 'no'.

Those compiling the results of the survey stressed that the referendum campaign was not helping voters to be 'clear and confident' about the decision they have to make.

'Many of the issues that preoccupy those campaigning for and against independence are apparently of peripheral interest to voters,' said Professor John Curtis.

He continued: 'voters want to hear about the economic and financial consequences of the choice they make, and it is on the outcome of that debate that the result of the referendum is likely to turn.'


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