Happy New Year to readers of the Blair Cadell blog! Last year our dedicated fan-base were offered up a host of timely, accurate and irreverent insights on a dizzying variety of subjects. Crack squads of statisticians and writers ('squads', ahem, might be a bit of an exaggeration) brought you property, business and legal news from Edinburgh and beyond. Together we witnessed such classic titles as:

Frequently Used Legal Words and their Meanings

5 Flowers That Will Sell Your House

and who could forget

Higgs Boson Effect on Buy to Let Market Explained

Tune in for more in 2014. Property and personal-legal blogging (or plogging, as I like to call it) just got personal.

In other news, confidence in a housing market recovery continues as more than half of Scottish homeowners say they believe the value of their home will rise in 2014.

58% of Scots who took part in the survey by Halifax bank said house prices were set to rise. Confidence in London and the South East was even higher with 80% believing the trend would be upwards.

For the first time since the bank's regular housing market confidence tracker began in April 2011, the proportion of consumers who predict the next 12 months will be a good time to put a home on the market outweighed those who believe the opposite.

Some 51% of nearly 2000 people surveyed said that this year will be a good time to sell, compared with 39% thinking it will be a bad time, according to the research carried out between late November and early December 2013.

(image: Craig Murphy/FlickrCC)

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