(photo:Lee Firth/FlickrCC)

While Edinburgh city centre is pretty bucolic as far as city centres go, it doesn't have a great deal of residential properties with a garden. This is of course why many new families look to move out of the centre at some point to find a bigger house with a bit more space.

But what if you could bring the splendour of a country garden to your city centre flat - in a box! Windowboxes can provide a bit of greenery to any property that has a window and a bit of sunlight. You can grow flowers to give the place a bit of colour or even herbs for the kitchen.

Planting your window boxes with certain plants can also be used to attract bees, bumble bees and many other beneficial insects. The yellow and white "poached egg flower" for example will attract hoverflies and lacewings which eat aphids.

Most manufactured window boxes come with mounting hardware. Be sure to follow the recommendations and directions for mounting, leaving space between the window box and the house to prevent water from getting trapped and damaging the siding of your house.

Planting Window Boxes is very easy. You can place soil and plants directly into the window boxes, you can insert a plastic liner first that fits the box, or you can fill the box with potted plants that you can easily interchange. Any of these options work as long as there is adequate drainage.

When selecting plants for your window boxes, be sure to pick plants that have similar lighting and moisture requirements. You might pick some of the same plants in your landscape or different plants to complement the look.

Window boxes aren't usually included in house plans or considered as part of an initial landscape design. Most often they're an afterthought - but they can make your home stand out dramatically.

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