If you are thinking of selling your property it might be worth looking into how buyers search for places they want to buy.  Research on the subject suggests that buyers use a mix of different media in their hunt for a new home. It is a good idea to take this into account.

In a report commissioned by the ESPC in 2012 it was shown that a quarter of buyers in and around Edinburgh (27%) use newspapers in their search while around half (43%) look in the windows of agents in their area.  A majority of buyers are also using web sites - browsing them on their tablets, bringing them up on their smartphones - to hunt down their perfect buy.  This all goes to show that buyers are using a range of media to find the right home.

This throws up interesting mix and match possibilities. For example,  buyers might initially discover a property in a newspaper before  going on-line to get more details.  Or they might begin by setting up searches on a web site yet keep an eye on estate agents' windows to ensure they aren't missing out.

Therefore sellers should keep these things in mind:


  1. Effective advertising  is likely to involve a combination of different media.  It is important to utilise newspapers and local presence as well as internet advertising.


  1. The key thing about newspapers and estate agents windows is that they are local.  They work because most buyers live locally.  An analysis by the Registers of Scotland shows that 90% of those buying in Edinburgh already lived within 24 miles of the home they bought. ESPC also analysed data from the Register of Scotland for 2011 and came to much the same conclusion.

(image: pasukaru76/FlickrCC)

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