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Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, you're in good company. More than 500,000 businesses start every year in the UK. A smart way to get your feet wet as an entrepreneur is by starting a micro-business at home. Perhaps the best way to start-up for less than £500 is to figure out how to get paid for what you love to do. Here are some ideas:


1. Personal Trainer

If you love nothing more than pumping iron or running until you collapse then you might consider making a business out of personal training. Along with a professional certification you will need an outgoing personality, enthusiasm, patience, charisma, knowledge as well as teaching and listening skills.


2. Private Tutor

Do you have a degree in something clever? Is all your excess knowledge going to waste? Why not put it to good use by offering private tuition to young people taking their exams. This is a business that you can run from home or if you have a car you can travel to your student's houses. Preparation is key in the tutoring game - make sure you research your student's syllabus and learning outcomes or it may turn out that they begin teaching you.


3. Personal Organizer

Nobody likes clutter. If you possess a gift for neatness and organisation you could earn money helping people get their homes, offices and lives in order. It might be that you charge by the hour or set half-day and full-day flat rates for your time. Not all clutter is the same, so it's a good idea to choose an area of specialisation.


4. Baker

Cakes and cupcakes are party favourites and shows like The Great British Bake-Off are rapidly turning baking into the new rock and roll. You can start a cupcake business for £500 or less as long as you are able to work from home. Use colleagues as a test market and promote your business in the groups you belong to, especially if you have children. Other parents are a great potential customer base.  Remember to check out any legal issues associated with working from home.


5. Dog Walker

Since time immemorial dogs have needed a brisk walk once or twice a day. However, as our lives have become increasingly busy in the 21st century many dogs are missing out on this simple pleasure. Why not make business out of pleasure by taking dogs out for walks - for cash! Depending on how strong you are you could walk up to ten dogs at a time. 10 dogs an hour, five or six hours a day - you do the maths!




Whether you are starting up a new business venture, looking at buying premises, taking on a commercial lease or developing a new business strategy we will be able to assist you. For more information on starting your business talk to Andrew Macdonald, managing partner at Blair Cadell.  Call or click .Blair Cadell deliver big firm service at a small firm cost.