Edinburgh will soon see floating homes along the Water of Leith, according to ambitious plans by a renewable energy company.

SRT Ecobuild intends to make a number of one and two bedroom floating properties available in the Commerical Quay area of Edinburgh. It is estimated that the homes will cost around £95,000 - substantially less than the average cost of a similar earthbound property in the city.

Floating homes are popular in the Netherlands where around 60,000 have been built. In London (where first time buyers are always looking for a good deal) there has been a substantial  rise in houseboat ownership, with plans for a floating village in the Royal Docklands area.

Edinburgh's floating homes will use heat pumps and solar panels to generate low-cost and sustainable energy for residents. Set to be around 10 metres long and 5 metres wide, the properties will be constructed in factories before being brought to their mooring sites.

Floating Houses

Tom King, managing director of SRT said this week:  "One of the best aspects of buildings of this kind is that they can be constructed at one location and then brought to another, meaning there are no building sites in the area. Once a property is placed residents can move in straight away, and the buildings can also be moved to other areas relatively easily should the owners decide they wish to move somewhere else."

"As no land needs to be purchased, the homes can be bought for prices around £95,000, though other charges such as mooring costs are likely to apply. However, if you consider that a two-bedroom property in Edinburgh would typically cost £150,000-£200,000 then we believe we are offering a very attractive deal to buyers."

City planners are currently deciding whether or not this type of property would need planning permission.  Pie in the sky or the future of city living? Tell us your thoughts.


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