For those who need a recap: the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a boy weighing 8lbs 6oz on Monday at 16:24 BST. Shortly after that, the Duke of Cambridge said that he and his wife "could not be happier". The name of the royal couple's son, who is third in line to the throne, has yet to be announced.

royal bed

Currently the world's media and fans of the royals are waiting outside St Mary's Hospital in west London for the first glimpse of the latest addition to the Windsor Family. But here at Blair Cadell we are well ahead of the game and are already thinking about baby bedrooms.

Firstly Kate and Wills - don't panic! All you need in essence is a bed, a changing table, a wardrobe and a chair. The rug, curtains, lamp shade, border stickers, mobile and so on will all accrue over time. In the old days, especially in the 80s, people used to wallpaper their kids' rooms. Not anymore. Not only is it no longer fashionable, but a fresh, clean coat of paint is a lot better than any wallpaper, which, according to, will attract and keep dust particles on its surface.

In the first few weeks, it's more than likely the future king will sleep in a Moses basket or a crib next to your bed. The experts agree it's the best thing to do. And you should resist the temptation to share your bed with little Kingy. It's not safe and there is always a danger of rolling over him, especially if you are a deep sleeper. For peace of mind, get Kingy used to a separate sleeping space in his own room.

If you choose a Moses basket for his royal highness, make sure it conforms to the safety standard BS EN 1466. When buying a cot, make sure it conforms to the safety standard BS EN 716. Don't just leave it to the P.A!  It needs to be sturdy and reliable. Make sure you buy the best possible mattress as well. Not only is it vital for the young prince's safety that the mattress meets all the safety standards, but it is equally important for the proper development of his body and bones.

A good mattress will ensure good air circulation and a moisture absorbent surface will prevent overheating as well. Although you can find good foam mattresses out there, the recognised best mattresses are the sprung ones.

A changing table (also known as a dresser) is very handy and will provide space for royal baby changing essentials, such a deerskin nappies, silk wipes, cream, talcum powder, cream and various other regal unguents. A chair becomes most important when Kingy wakes up at night for a feed or just for some company. It will also be used before bed, when reading stories and singing reassuring nursery rhymes such as God Save the Queen.

It would be advisable to get a good, anti-allergic, non-slip, wool carpet or rug for Kingy's room too. Not only will it improve sound and heat isolation, but it will feel more comfortable when the royal baby bum hits the deck. It is also easy to clean and change should circumstances get tricky.

It's also vitally important his room is equipped with a smoke detector and, possibly, a CO2 detector as well. These are absolutely necessary and not expensive at all.

(Image: JulienLozelli/FlickrCC)