At last we have some blue skies and rising temperatures, fit for the prime property selling season.  The property market has been brightening too and our Independent Mortgage Advisor, Chris Norton reports a marked increase in lenders' appetite for mortgages - and even competition for business between them, not seen since the beginning of the downturn.  Deposits are of course still required along with sound credit ratings.  Chris has an excellent whole market view and is happy to provide objective, unbiased advice.  Just give him a call for an appointment

There has been a notable increase in the number of properties coming to the Spring market, and several recent closing dates (remember those?!) have ensued, with excellent results for clients. Prospective purchasers are responsive to good quality, well presented properties.  We will advise you on your optimum selling strategy with a marketing plan including tips and advice on priorities and presentation.  So if you are considering selling this season, why not give us a call now

Purchasers still tend to proceed with caution, looking at multiple properties, pouring over details, and picking the very best of the crop.  There is undoubtedly a greater sophistication in approach with prospective purchasers having taken time to save and select the best value property for their money.  Good kitchens, bathrooms and decor, and clean presentation are paramount.  You're likely to reap the rewards by attending to these.  Of course there are always budgets to work within, and our advice will be tailored accordingly.  At our initial visit to your property your questions can be answered and we will be able to give you a comparative  assessment  on  what purchasers are looking for and what key factors are likely to maximise your response

Once your property is market ready, professional photographs, floor plans, ESPC and top web presentation will be provided plus expert call handling and viewer feedback, all essential to get you the best results possible

The Canalside is an excellent area, desirable for young professionals, families and older people alike all wanting benefit from the excellent local ambiance and amenities

Our Property Shop is long established, we know the area inside out, and we have successfully sold and resold properties in the area for many years.  Sound credentials for your selling agent

For a free market appraisal  please call me on 0131 337 1800

Robin Davie
Property Manager