Is downsizing "just" for retirees or when the last of the family has flown the nest?  In this era of economic uncertainty a downsize move could make a lot of sense not only for your finances, solicitors of Edinburgh Blair Cadell are here to help

The call to action in our upwardly mobile society seems to be to get bigger and make better.  Advertisers push those SUV's, a big screen TVs like there's no tomorrow and it can be exhausting trying to keep up.  So here's a recipe for considering going the other way with your home:

The advantages of a downsize

  • Increased cash flow. A smaller mortgage (or none at all)
  • More free time. Less time spent on household chores leaving more hours in the day to do something you find more enjoyable
  • Lower utility bills. Less to heat and light and also good for your carbon footprint
  • Reduced consumption. Less room to keep things less likely to buy stuff, more saved on clothes, food and consumer goods
  • Minimized Stress. Home owners who have successfully downsized often feel freer and happier

Making the choice - the down side of a downsize

  • Fewer belongings. Moving to a smaller home means having to get rid of furniture, books, and lots of other stuff which could be difficult to part with
  • Guest room. Hosting family and friend get-togethers might be more difficult in a smaller home
  • Space restrictions. You may feel cramped because there is less space in which to store things and move about
  • Prestige. Your home is going to be smaller "castle"
  • Lifestyle changes. Change is often a challenge

A de-clutter and a change of perspective could do you a power of good and if "keeping up with the Jones'" is not the prime motivation there will almost certainly be other significant benefits to gain with a well considered downsize move

The property experts at Blair Cadell are in the best place to advise you on your sale and purchase plans to help you maximise your position, with area and price comparisons, and opinion on market conditions, practical property issues and negotiating tactics.  And we will look after both transactions including pre-sale title and property questionnaire matters, contract and conveyancing up to the day you hand over the keys to your buyer all at single fixed cost

If you'd like to discuss any aspect of your property plans or any other member of the BC property team would be delighted to assist


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