Statistics show that June continues to be by far the most popular month in which to get married.  15% of all nuptials occur in the month of the longest daylight hours, and the official start of summer - so fitting for the beginning of a couple's life's journey together

It's also a fact that whilst we insure our cars, homes and possessions, we pay far scanter attention to the protection of what would fairly be stated as being that which is most treasured of all... our spouses or civil partners.  Under Scottish Law, should you die without making a Will, your assets will not necessarily automatically pass to your better half as you might assume.  And the 4.5 million unmarried couples in co-habitation would fair worse still

The answer - the insurance for your wife, husband or partner - is to make a Will.  For the one off charge in doing so the risk of things going wrong disappears.  And it's a good deal more straight forward to arrange than you might think

If you'd like to discuss any aspect of protection or provision for your spouse or partner contact or


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