What's the right thing for Mum, Dad and their home?

Consider for example a familiar situation such as this: Mum and Dad own their own house but the title is in Dad's sole name.  Dad has been diagnosed with early stages of dementia and there is a possibility that he may have to go into care.  Mum wants to stay in the house but you are not sure if she will be able to cope on her own.  You are concerned that she too may have to go into care or move into a smaller house or sheltered housing.

What is the best thing to do?  Is the family home protected if Mum stays there?  What will happen if Mum wants to sell the house and downsize?  Can she do this?

Does it make a difference if the house if in Mum & Dad's joint names?

Have either Mum or Dad granted Powers of Attorney?  Should they do so now?  Is it too late?

What about Mum & Dad's other assets eg money in the bank and pensions?  Are these protected if Dad goes into care?  Does Mum have to disclose her financial position to the local authority?  Is there anything that can be done to reduce liability for care home fees?

Blair Cadell elderly care solicitors have practical and cost effective answers to these and and many other questions like them.  Ask for Susan Masterton susan.masterton@blaircadell.com. You could be saving yourself a great deal of worry and expense in doing so


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