"I used to be more involved with our finances but latterly with James having taking early retirement, he dealt with everything. I couldn't face looking through the papers let alone have an idea where to start"

By the time you make contact with Blair Cadell for assistance in looking after your loved one's estate a funeral service may have already been arranged, but if not we can assist you in arranging this too.  This is just part of what we can do - adapting what we do to meet your specific needs.

It is best once you have faced the inevitable challenges of the day to sit back and take stock before trying to piece together papers and other things to bring to us.  You may feel compelled to get on with things, but it is also the time when decisions could be most clouded. Locating and delivering relevant papers and information to us can be a challenge but we are here to guide you through this difficult time and with our experience we can quickly identify what is required and what can be put aside.

It is important not to feel pressurised to act immediately. Best to proceed from a position of strength, taking time to get a handle on where finances, accounts and belongings are to be found, restoring a sense of control and greater ease.

"Uncle Joe left his estate to me and my siblings, but he was always hands-on and very private so far as finances went - best we just pass all the papers to the lawyer to make sure we don't miss anything.  You'll know what you're looking for"

Whatever your circumstances we are here to look after you and your loved one's estate in an efficient and cost effective manner.

For help when you need it most contact Blair Cadell, Edinburgh's leading elderly care solicitor, Donald Jardine or Bobby Harvey on 0131 555 5800 or at donald.jardine@blaircadell.com or bobby.harvey@blaircadell.com


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