22,537 homes were sold in 2011 through solicitor estate agents, with a combined value of £4billion based on figures released by Solicitors Property Centres (SPC) Scotland.

Malcolm Cannon, Chairman of SPC Scotland and Chief Executive of Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre (ESPC) said "In the face of a gloomy economic picture it is good to see that the property market is continuing to tick over. Homes are taking longer to sell and sellers have to be more realistic about the price that they are asking for

However, it is important that the market continues to function and those who need to sell their property for lifestyle, work, personal or financial reasons are able to do so. I believe that these figures indicate this is the case"

Selling with a solicitor continues to be the preferred approach for homeowners across Scotland. Malcolm Cannon added "The dominance of the solicitor estate agent is a Scottish phenomenon and is one that has proven to work over many years. Being able to manage the marketing of a property and subsequent legal exchange of ownership under one roof helps the process move forward efficiently and give all involved certainty at as early an opportunity as possible"

This is good news for Edinburgh Estate Agents.


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