A new Scottish Business Insider survey shows a dramatic rise in turnover and profits for Scotland's Top 500 companies against last year's figures

In the figures to the end of November 2011 total turnover for the Top 500 - excluding figures from the Royal Bank of Scotland and HBOS which alters the picture because of their disproportionate size - rose by seven percent to £146.85bn while profits soared by 38.9 per cent from £9.67bn to £13.34bn.  With the two banks included the Top 500 profits nearly doubled from £5.05bn to £10.98bn though turnover was barely up from £202.14bn to £202.48bn

Overall 462 companies made profits this year compared to 437 in 2011 and just 432 in 2010. Some 299 companies showed growth in profits while 181 suffered a slump

The survey results are detailed on the Insider's Business7 website:



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