With this week's elections in view a member of our Personal legal team was asked whether the holder of a Power of Attorney would be able to cast a vote on behalf of the person they were appointed by

A Power of Attorney gives the appointed person (the attorney) the legal right to manage the appointer's affairs if they are incapable of doing so themselves.  The general purpose is to facilitate signing of cheques, withdrawing of money and other day to day transactions

Whilst admiring enthusiasm for maximising one's democratic rights, at a time of relative decline in voters' political engagement, the answer is unfortunately that an attorney's general powers do not extend to the electoral process and an attorney therefore has no power to vote on behalf of another person as such.  That said an attorney can be specifically appointed by a voter, subject to certain criteria, under the formal proxy procedure administered by the Electoral Commission

For more information on voting rights and procedures go to http://www.aboutmyvote.co.uk/

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