Voter Registration

Powers of Attorney and Voter Registration

In the UK everyone who is eligible to Vote must be registered to do so and while the voter registration system shouldn’t prevent a person from exercising that right, there was concern that previous guidance lacked sufficient clarity on what assistance could...

Edinburgh property market booms in 2019

January listings are up by as much as 40% year-on-year and sales up by 70%. The rise in listings has made homes slightly more affordable. The market for sellers continues to be strong, with continued shortage of supply. Conditions have certainly improved...
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Powers of Attorney

A quick guide to Powers of Attorney
Doubt And Certainty

One Thing Is Certain: Nothing Is Certain

At Blair Cadell, as we busy ourselves with our clients’ pre-Christmas must-do’s and our plans for the delivery of our quality and value services for the new year ahead, we’ve been reflecting on 2018 as a year of significant events, surprises and...

5 Winter tips for property landlords

Winter can be a tricky time for landlords with expensive repairs more likely than at any other time of year.
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How Mid-life Instagrammers are Hitting it Big

When it comes to social media, individuals and businesses are in the hunt for one important thing: influence. We hear much talk of social ‘influencers’ these days, from bubbly teenage vloggers to media savvy brands with distinctive voices, like Innocent Drinks. But...

On-The-Day Must-Do’s For Showing Your House

So, you’ve got your house up for sale. You’ve taken care of the big things and have even started on the little tweaks and changes that you need to entice potential buyers. The house looks lovely, through your rose coloured spectacles. Now,...

Chilly echoes of 2010/11

Remember the last extreme winter weather event, the Big Freeze of 2010/11 with heavy snowfalls, record low temperatures, travel chaos and school disruption? Hopefully the fall-out from this year’s Beast from the East blizzard will not be so damaging for property owners...
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Powers of Attorney

A quick guide to Powers of Attorney

Will the Government make changes to LBTT?

There is no getting around it: LBTT is having an adverse impact on the Scottish housing market.